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Why we do what we do, the way we do it:

ASCWebServices is owned by AS Consulting, a computer consulting company in Santa Barbara, CA.  In 1990 Andy Shapiro started AS Consulting with a clear vision: Offer the best possible computer consultation, but never speak in "computerese". He felt that the job of a consultant was to help the client understand the problem, so that they could make an educated decision themselves.

In 2000 AS Consulting started offering web hosting to its clients. For years their clients were always complaining about the fact that they didn't understand the process of web hosting and often had to pay someone just to take care of everything for them. It was then that AS Consulting decided to offer web hosting. Again the motto was clear: Help the client understand the issue. That commitment to service has grown and helped form ASCWebServices. We pledge to help you understand what services we offer, and then we do most of the work for you, at no additional charge!