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To set up your POP Mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, etc.) use the following information:

Your email username is your full email address.
POP Server (incoming):
SMTP Server (outgoing):

Important: If you wish to be able to use your own outgoing mailserver (as opposed to that of your ISP), you will need to set your SMTP port to: 587
Your outgoing mail server requires authentication, set it to use the same credentials as your incoming mail server.

Email setup directions:
To make the setup of your email accounts easier. You can open these step by step instructions* for Outlook or Outlook Express. (If you wish to save these documents to your computer, right-click and choose "Save Target As...".)

To log in to WebMail, please go to, use the first part of your email address (everything in front of the @ sign) for username, and your usual password for email.

Your mailboxes come with built in anti-virus scanning (both incoming and outgoing) This can be fully controlled from within your Plesk Control Panel.

SPAM Control:
Your mailboxes also come with built-in SPAM protection. We use SpamAssassin. This can be fully controlled from within your Plesk Control Panel. The way that SpamAssassin works is by assigning a number from 1-10 to your emails. (Most all Spam programs work this way.) A score of 1 means that the email is guaranteed to be real. A score of 10 means that your email is guaranteed to be SPAM. You can set the threshold for SPAM to anything you like. By default it is set to 7. So, anything marked as 7 or above is marked as SPAM. SpamAssassin handles the SPAM in one of two ways, it can delete it or, it can put a tag in front of the subject (****SPAM****). The latter is usually preferred as you can receive the email and then determine if the SPAM is really SPAM.  It is fairly easy to set up a rule in Outlook to automatically move email marked as SPAM to a "holding tank" ("Junk Mail Folder", for example.)

Some people just get tons of SPAM.  SpamAssassin does a great job, but if you want complete SPAM protection, we can offer you the world class Barracuda spam solution for $10.00/month. This fee covers up to ALL mailboxes on your domain. 


Tutorial zone:
(Here, you will find Adobe PDF tutorials to help setup and maintain your email)


Setting up your new email account in Outlook

Setting up your new email account in Outlook Express

How to set up a rule to automatically delete email marked as SPAM.
How to set up an "Out of Office" (or "On Vacation") response.

*All instructions are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click here to download your free copy now.