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 Every one of our web hosting packages comes with these great amenities:


We'll explain what domain names are, why you need one and how you get them. We'll then help you to pick out your domain name.  

We'll set up all of your mailboxes for you. You may prefer to do this yourself, if so, we offer a great cPanel control panel to make this fast and easy.  

We'll take care of registering your domain name for you. If you already have a domain name, we'll make the necessary changes to it so that we can host it for you*  

We'll be happy to make ongoing changes to your
mailboxes (change names, add/ delete mailboxes,
create alias's)


We'll set up your hosting account and do everything necessary to get your web presence ready to go.  

We will be happy to create a very basic web page for you, so that your site is active from day one. Some clients prefer to create a simple page in Microsoft Word, if so, we'll convert your document into your starter page for you.


Of course, we'll always answer any questions you
may have along the way. And keep answering
them as you go!

While we do not do web design, you can use our free tools to create your site yourself, or we'll help you to find a web designer that meets your needs.  
*Domain name registration fees apply. The domain owner is responsible for paying renewal fees in a timely manner. If the fees are not paid, ownership is relinquished and the domain may be lost. Domain name registration fees are non-refundable.